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Our Partnership

Partnership is several people joining together to accomplish a task or meet a need that is greater than what they could do on their own. Being a partner with Ransomed Ministries is as simple as making a commitment to regularly support the ministry through your giving and prayer. Most people choose to give monthly, however you may choose weekly or another option.

There is no dollar figure necessary to become a Ransomed Ministries partner. Many people don’t have the time or the ability to travel around the world, but they are able to provide financial support—whatever the amount—and become a big part of reaching millions for Jesus Christ.

How To Become A Partner

Your convenient auto-debit gift of any amounts from your bank account is appreciated and establishes your growing covenant relationship with this ministry as a friend and regular supporter. Giving is an expression of love and commitment to advance the work of the Kingdom of God.  Know that your monthly donations help us to continue and expand our reach and help proclaim the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide

Partner Enrollment


Monthly Donation Amount (auto-debit)

  • 500.00
  • 200.00
  • 100.00
  • 50.00

One Time Donation

  • Gh¢ 1,000.00
  • Gh¢ 5,000.00
Partnership isn't a one-time event. It's a growing, thriving commitment where we both share in the benefits promised to us when we come together and spread the cause of Christ and further God's Kingdom.

In partnering with us, you’ll be distinguishing yourself as someone committed to Ransomed Ministries and one who shares its vision to save the lost, help the hurting, and spread the Gospel.

Upon partnering with Ransomed Ministries, we’ll send you a Partner Welcome Kit, which includes a few resources to help further explain our relationship with one another, and give the history of Ransomed Ministries. As we grow together spiritually, I want you to see where we’ve come from, and where God is taking us.

Together, I’m sure we can impact the world and accomplish marvelous things to the glory of God. Remember, there is strength and power in partnership, and as this ministry grows, so will you. Again, thank you for considering partnering and sowing into this ministry. Prayerfully, you’ll be able to declare with us…

“It’s not just what we SAY…it’s what we DO.

What Does My Partnership Do?

When you partner with us, you're providing support to a variety of outreach programs. Such as:
1. Ministry & Evangelism outreach (Uplifting Conference & worship.
2. Projects & Mission ( providing food and water to the hungry and thirsty

As a committed partner with our ministry, we ask that you do the following:

• Attend Ransomed events and conferences in your area • Actively pray for the president and team members, their family, and Ransomed Ministries • Continue sowing into this ministry expecting God to honor His word: "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over..." - Luke 6:38 KJV

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