Ransomed partnered with the Koforidua Department of Social welfare Services

Ransomed with the Koforidua Department of Social welfare Services by donating play items and reading books to children under foster care.  There are currently 8,000 children in Eastern Part of Ghana under foster care most of whom enter foster homes with few or no personal possessions. A gift of clothing, playing items and learning materials offers these children, who have been involved in very painful circumstances, a source of comfort.

In 2014, Project Smile expanded to partner with homeless shelters to donate medication, personal grooming products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, tissues, etc. for children living in shelters. According to the Homeless, in October 2012, more than 600 families were staying in the orphanage shelter.   This included nearly 300 children — half of whom were preschoolers. Given these numbers the Coalition estimates that more than 5,000 families will be sheltered in state funded shelter during the course of the year.

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